Writer Bios


IDtenT is our oldest staffer and might be thought of like The Wizard of Oz – the man behind the curtain, keeping it all running smoothly. Hailing from the Western Cape, he’s always lurking in the shadows.

You’ll be hard pressed to find IDtenT publishing an entirely positive review  - no matter how much he likes something, he’ll swing his unbiased sword and expose the flaws. He’s been thinking critically about games for quite a long time, experiencing things right from the DOS generation. By his own words, the finest game he can name is over eleven years old – Alpha Centauri.

He’s a rabid fan of turn-based gaming, and probably owns everything Paradox has published; however, despite favouring strategy titles, he’s not much a fan of the modern RTS. Even the buggiest, glitchiest game can have merits, so his cutting reviews are not without mercy.

IDtenT is also a big fan of runny cheese. Even runnier than you’d like.


ShaneFace has been playing, praising and critically analyzing games for… not quite as long as you’d think. To get a good feel for the medium’s roots, he started off with a Commodore 64, and has worked his way up through the ages.

He also first cut his RPG teeth on an indie game, the Exile series by Spiderweb Software, a game that has been updated and remade as he’s grown, seeing many incarnations. Just like the Exile series, his tastes in games have developed to favour roleplaying games, strategy (Alpha Centauri!) and adventure.

A rabid retro fan, ShaneFace will be reporting on some very old news, in addition to the usual stuff and snippets about new, experimental indie titles. He also likes cheese and once ran a pie cult.


Dom is a gamer from Cape Town, South Africa, still in the bloom of youth and the youngest of the Enterfacement team. He has been told on multiple occasions that his Nerd License™ is invalid since he’s never watched Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. [ed - Shame on you!]

He mostly plays indie games as he lacks the funds to feed his gaming addiction. Steam is both saviour and bane of his existence in regards to acquiring new games, giving epic sales on one hand and crushing temptation on the other. He has reformed from his pirate (Arr!) ways during the early days of his gaming “career” and is slowly but surely building up a digital game library to appease the Gaming Gods.

He games on an (outdated) PC (which should in all rights be thrown away) and Xbox 360 (although he needs a new one since his old one committed suicide). He’s the type of gamer who’ll play any game, be it an RPG, FPS or RTS and will enjoy it. Unless it sucks.


Starting his gaming career off with a bang, Jake’s first contact with the medium started with the first Broken Sword title on his parents’ work computer back in his primary school days. Naturally, he fell in love with it from the get-go, clicking every pixel on-screen into the wee hours of the morning.

The crowning point of his gaming career would have to be the first time he encountered Zork, the cult-classic text adventure game. Never having gotten much further than the first cave, it ranks as one of his personal favorites.

Despite being an adventure gamer at heart, Jake plays games from almost every genre still in development today. He also loves strolling down nostalgia lane, and will occasionally revisit older games to relive childhood memories and report back on them. Also, he once lost a tooth to a particularly violent coconut.


Vii is a surprisingly upbeat cynic hailing from Gauteng. He’s a fan of trying (and failing) to understand obscure sci-fi films and can often be found talking about his sentient facial hair.

You can expect objective reviews of games and movies from Vii, but don’t expect any updates on the latest FPS title – he abhors them, along with the trend of making /everything/ into shooters. Ironically his first happy memory of computer gaming would be the original Doom, which kept him going until he sunk his beardteeth into favourite RPG, Final Fantasy VII; he still doesn’t agree with the ending…

Vii can grow beards that make grown dwarves shiver.