Hack Slash Loot – Indie Roguelike

Ever felt that roguelikes were something you really ought to be into, but that they just weren’t accessible enough? Well, here’s your chance to catch up with the three-decade-old dungeon crawl subgenre.


Let's Play... Anachronox!

Let’s play… Anachronox!

Anachronox is a 2001 American JRPG for the PC, developed by Ion Storm. It’s an RPG made by Tom Hall, that guy behind Deus Ex, one of the founders of id Software. A JRPG, you say? Only on PC, you say? Indeed, Sir – this is an odd one.


Baldur's Gate 2 Remake: First Chapter Complete

They act sooner than we had anticipated… despite all the doubt, a team of dedicated modders has pulled through and remade the first chapter of Baldur’s Gate 2 in the Dragon Age engine!


Indie: Legends of Grimrock

The first person dungeon crawl RPG genre has long been considered a relic of the past, but four-man Finnish indie developer, Almost Human, intends to revive the genre with their modernized Legend of Grimrock, due out the end of this year.


SALEM Crafting MMO Details Revealed

Farm! Mine! Build! Kill! Pray! Die… permanently! All in Salem. For free (mostly).

A live video feed tonight revealed new details about Paradox’s new Free To Play ‘crafting MMO’ called Salem, developed by Seatribe who previously brought out Haven & Hearth, a low profile and highly creative farming and mining oriented MMORPG. Salem is [...]