Brick-Force - Minecraft-clone FPS has promising new ideas

Team deathmatches in a Minecraft-esque block world!? Build that perfect sniper nest, disassemble the enemy fort block by block! Reload! Click below to find out more.


Pokémon: Coming To A Copy Of Minecraft Near You

Some ambitious modders have decided to recreate the world of Pokémon in Minecraft. The mod has only been in development for a couple months so there aren’t many features currently implemented but it is certainly an exciting prospect. Pokémon in an open world? I’ll have some of that!

I’m sure this is the Pokémon [...]

SALEM Crafting MMO Details Revealed

Farm! Mine! Build! Kill! Pray! Die… permanently! All in Salem. For free (mostly).

A live video feed tonight revealed new details about Paradox’s new Free To Play ‘crafting MMO’ called Salem, developed by Seatribe who previously brought out Haven & Hearth, a low profile and highly creative farming and mining oriented MMORPG. Salem is [...]

Mob Breeding in Minecraft

As of today Minecraft is set to have animal reproduction. Early this morning Notch (Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft) released information about a planned animal breeding feature.

Animals will enter a “love mode” after being fed (certain?) food, and when two animals in ‘love mode’ meet they could reproduce. Love mode is visualised by [...]