Max Payne 3 Q&A Details

Max Payne 3 Cover Art / Box Art
Rockstar Games have graciously answered a number of game-related questions from social media sites, and here are some of the highlights from the scoop.

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In remembrance of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs with early Macintosh computers.
Despite much confusion, rage and speculation at Steve Jobs’ recent move to step down as CEO of Apple, the reasons are now painfully obvious as we all mourn his passing.

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Self-Defense Training Camp

What would Jack Thompson say? Spousal-abuse simulator?
Get ready to damage your living room, because Ubisoft is looking to release Self-Defence Training Camp for Kinect early this November.

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SALEM Crafting MMO Details Revealed

Farm! Mine! Build! Kill! Pray! Die… permanently! All in Salem. For free (mostly).

A live video feed tonight revealed new details about Paradox’s new Free To Play ‘crafting MMO’ called Salem, developed by Seatribe who previously brought out Haven & Hearth, a low profile and highly creative farming and mining oriented MMORPG. Salem is in many ways a 3D recreation of Haven & Hearth, but with many changes and improvements to the formula, and is set to complete its development cycle, unlike the somewhat neglected former title.

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Bethesda To Take Trademark Dispute To Court

In what can only be described as another case of big fish eats little fish, it appears Bethesda Softworks has decided to take their trademark dispute with Minecraft developer, Mojang, to court.

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Ludum Dare 21: 48h Comp Reviews

Screenshot of The Dream Forest

Ludum Dare is a regular competition where people from all over the world attempt to make a functional computer game in just 48 hours. Visit them here. Never made a game at all, you say? Neither have some of these folks, yet others are veterans and rockstars of indie development with even an entry by Mojang’s Notch himself.

Here I will review some of the Ludum Dare’s 21st season games that I thought you might be interested in. All of the following were completed within 48 hours.

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Mob Breeding in Minecraft

As of today Minecraft is set to have animal reproduction. Early this morning Notch (Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft) released information about a planned animal breeding feature.

Animals will enter a “love mode” after being fed (certain?) food, and when two animals in ‘love mode’ meet they could reproduce. Love mode is visualised by a display of floating hearts above the animal’s head. Another related feature is that of herding animals – having a food item selected as your tool will cause nearby animals to follow you.

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Enterfacement. What is it?

It is pretty simple really. This is an entertainment blog. What does that mean? Well, I’m not even sure yet, but we’ll see what goes for what as we go along.

It all started when Shaneface was rambling on, as he always does, and I just said to him: “Hey, bro, you need a blog. I’m not the only person in the world. Shut up. Yo!”

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