Hack Slash Loot – Indie Roguelike

Ever felt that roguelikes were something you really ought to be into, but that they just weren’t accessible enough? Well, here’s your chance to catch up with the three-decade-old dungeon crawl subgenre.



Developer Phroot takes elements from Minecraft and Fallout and combines it to bring you one of the quirkiest shooters we’ve seen in a while.


Let's Play... Anachronox!

Let’s play… Anachronox!

Anachronox is a 2001 American JRPG for the PC, developed by Ion Storm. It’s an RPG made by Tom Hall, that guy behind Deus Ex, one of the founders of id Software. A JRPG, you say? Only on PC, you say? Indeed, Sir – this is an odd one.


Review: Rise of Immortals.

Rise of Immortals, Petroglyph Games’ latest game, is the latest in a long string of Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. At first glance, the game comes across as a competent addition to the genre, but how exactly does it measure up to the competition?


Ludum Dare 21: 48h Comp Reviews

Ludum Dare is a regular competition where people from all over the world attempt to make a functional computer game in just 48 hours. Visit them here. Never made a game at all, you say? Neither have some of these folks, yet others are veterans and rockstars of indie development with even an entry [...]