Project Zomboid Developer Burgled

Someone must have dropped a mirror over at Indie Stone headquarters at one point or another…

As most people would know, the indie developer, The Indie Stone, has had a long streak of bad luck ever since putting their game up for pre-order, including events such as their PayPal account getting frozen and pirates forcing them to take their game offline to avoid losing money to auto-updating pirate versions of the game. Just as thing started going smoothly again, disaster struck and the flat where two of the developers, Lemmy and Binky, live got burgled.

According to the statement on their site, the only things stolen are two computers and a credit card. This might not have been such a problem, except for the fact that the only source code for the already late update was stored on those two computers. The internet, being the cruel hate-machine that it is, reacted rather aggressively to the news, and a clearly distressed and slightly drunk Lemmy did not take it well.

While we can all agree that they really should have had external back-ups, the backlash they they received following this news is particularly violent. As Binky pointed out, customers aren’t dealing with a major corporation, they’re dealing with people who develop games out of passion for the genre. Where things go from here remains to be seen, but one thing is clear, unless a miracle occurs, the next update isn’t going to be released anytime soon.

Update: Lemmy has put up a letter of apology on his blog.

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