Indie: Legends of Grimrock

The first person dungeon crawl RPG genre has long been considered a relic of the past, but four-man Finnish indie developer, Almost Human, intends to revive the genre with their modernized Legend of Grimrock, due out the end of this year.

The dungeon crawler could be considered a staple-stone of the RPG genre, and many older gamers will recall fond memories of time spent slaying monsters in cult-classics like Dungeon Master. In order to mix the formula up a little, Almost Human has decided to keep the grid-based movement system while handling combat and movement in real-time, as opposed to the classic turn-based combat system available in most dungeon crawlers of old. This makes for an interesting change, and from the gameplay video works really well.

The game will use a party system with several pre-made characters up for play, but will also include a character generator in case you prefer to create your own. Combat will range from the traditional sword, to bows, thrown weapons and a rather complex magic system that involves selecting different combinations of buttons in the spell menu in order to cast various spells. There is also an auto-mapping feature that tracks the player’s progress through the dungeon in order to minimize the chances of getting lost. Another nifty feature is the ability to freely look around, instead of having a fixed camera view. This allows you to experience every little detail of this gorgeous looking game.

Developing for the PC, Mac and iOS, Almost Human plans to release the game before the end of the year, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Hopes are high that they manage to keep to their deadline, with many claiming that this game might just turn out to be even bigger than Skyrim.

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